Geelong precast concrete products

We can produce almost anything that can be thought of when it comes to precast concrete products. Based in Colac servicing Geelong, Melbourne, Ballarat, Warrnambool, Hamilton, Horsham and more. Contact us to discuss any of our precast concrete products or services.

Architectural Precast Concrete

We design and build attractive architectural precast concrete panels to make any project visually more interesting. Our precast columns and panels come in a range of architectural finishes and we can also design specialty products to suit almost any vision imaginable. Based in Colac, we service Geelong for architectural precast panels and columns, including –...

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Precast Seating & Landscaping Products

Precast concrete elements are extremely sturdy, need little ongoing maintenance and have a very long lifespan, making them a sturdy solution for projects of any size. Otway Precast has worked on seating projects for major educational facilities and landscaping projects for Parks Victoria. Commercial concrete seating is a practical option for your business, organisation, fitness or...

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Residential Precast Panels

With the house trends in Australia changing, the appearances of our homes are adapting and the modern look housing has changed the way we design and think about the products we use. With more design criteria to meet and council obligations imposed it makes it harder to get the design right. Some of the biggest...

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Precast Retaining Walls

Precast panels make an effective solution for retaining walls with the ability to withstand very high loadings associated with major wall construction bridges and highway construction work. They are also ideal solutions in landscaping projects such as gardens, play spaces, walking tracks, etc. Precast retaining walls are also extremely cost-effective and are able to be rapidly constructed...

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Precast Fences

Precast fences are sturdy, durable, don’t rust and have a very long lifespan needing very little ongoing maintenance. They can be manufactured in almost any shape, colour and pattern desired. Concrete fences are brilliant for high-risk fire zones and cannot be affected by termites, ants or pests of any kind. Based in Colac, we can design...

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Cattle Underpass

Cattle & Pedestrian Underpasses

As our population grows our roads become busier, posing increased threat to farmers and their livestock as they herd cattle across busy roads up to four times per day. Farmers face a continual struggle to protect their own safety as well as the safety of their livestock. Apart from safety (being the most important aspect),...

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Precast Concrete Bridge

Precast Bridges

We can manufacture bridges in any size for any requirement you have. Whether you need a bridge to go over a creek on your property or something much larger. Manufactured in Colac, we then deliver them straight to your site in Geelong or throughout Victoria and install them for you. Precast bridges are extremely sturdy,...

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One Off Designs & Specialty Products

Otway Precast has prided its self on casting specialty items for those projects were you require something that is different. We use years of form working and design experience to be able to create the items you need to complete your projects cost effectively. If you are not sure on how to complete a concrete...

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