Residential precast panels, Geelong

With the house trends in Australia changing, the appearances of our homes are adapting and the modern look housing has changed the way we design and think about the products we use. With more design criteria to meet and council obligations imposed it makes it harder to get the design right. Some of the biggest design challenges facing modern Australian house designers is the Green Star rating increasing constantly and the fire rating of the products used and retaining values as we start to search for the best views. Concrete panelling is a major plus in all of these for residntial housing with the ability to manipulate design to accommodate different walling types for different applications we can design what ever is required. Precast concrete panels for housing and residential projects is beggining to get a foothold in what has been an industry that has remained quite traditional and resistant to change.

Visual appearance is highly important when making a decision on what and who to use when selecting the products that fit you dream home. Our team at Otway Precast hold quality and customer satisfaction above just treating your project as “just another job”. There are a lot of precast panel manufacturers available, however we pride ourselves on the highest quality taking design, cost effectiveness, overall appearance impacts, colours, finishes, and a high level of customer satisfaction.

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The biggest plus to precast panelling in house design is the thermal properties, unfortunately 9 times out of 10 this aspect of concrete is over looked or traded for appearance reasons only. With the use of high density polystyrene you can upgrade your walling to a highly efficient heat retention source. The use of the twin skin or “sandwich panel” system is the break between layers of the wall that stops the transfer of the hot to cold external temperatures whilst maintaining an even temperature inside. Thermal concrete can hold even temperatures inside for up to a week without the need for heating / cooling.

We are based in Colac servicing Geelong, Victoria and Australia-wide for precast concrete products including architectural precast concrete, precast retaining walls and precast fences.

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