Precast retaining walls, Geelong

Precast panels make an effective solution for retaining walls with the ability to withstand very high loadings associated with major wall construction bridges and highway construction work. They are also ideal solutions in landscaping projects such as gardens, play spaces, walking tracks, etc.

Precast retaining walls are also extremely cost-effective and are able to be rapidly constructed needing little ongoing maintenance. Retaining walls can be constructed to accommodate curves, transitions and direction changes. We have the ability to colour and pattern with the use of form liners and oxide – thus achieving any desired look you would like created.

Otway Precast produces precast fences, cattle underpasses and prefabricated equipment shelters for Geelong and towns across Victoria.

Interlocking blocks

Using interlocking block design, sturdy concrete construction has become a lot more cost-effective. The use of these blocks are endless, they are perfect for use in temporary and permanent structures like storage bins, mass weight retaining walls, pop-up worksite enclosures, quarries, erosion protection and more. With multiple size options, shapes and details, blocks are easily available for quick delivery.

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