Precast seating and landscaping products, Geelong

Precast concrete elements are extremely sturdy, need little ongoing maintenance and have a very long lifespan, making them a sturdy solution for projects of any size. Otway Precast has worked on seating projects for major educational facilities and landscaping projects for Parks Victoria.

Commercial concrete seating is a practical option for your business, organisation, fitness or educational facility. Timber and other materials can be mounted atop concrete seating if required or you can enjoy the functional and aesthetic qualities of the concrete alone.

Precast concrete landscaping products can help bring any landscaping design to life – commercial or residential.

We can custom-create orders based on your design needs or you can select from our special range of pre-designed and fully complete units. Manufactured in Colac, we then deliver straight to your site in Geelong or throughout Australia-wide to all capital cities. We also offer installation services to ensure the best results for the final look of your project.

Otway Precast has moved to manufacturing not only the concrete elements but now offer complete lift-in one piece units complete with and timber, steel, wiring/lighting and any other details that might be required. We use qualified builders and electricians to complete the works whilst saving time and money onsite. Reduce your project cost by using some of our standard seating profiles and save both time and money. Choices of finish range widely so contact our team to discuss.

Keep your job a one-off and unique project, discuss design with our team at Otway Precast today.

You might like to take a look at our precast retaining walls in Geelong, available Victoria-wide also.

If you are interested in a new project we’d love to hear from you.